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Products we manufacture

We produce lots of garment types in our manufacturing facilities. For example (not limited to); tshirts, fleece fabric crew neck sweatshirts, zippered hoodies, hiphop and baseball caps, polar coats, buttoned t-shirts, pants, shorts, joggers, leggings, track suirts, tote bags, clutch bags and many more… According to our customers needs, we have the flexibility to create economical products or very high quality products. Our experience, facilities and background allow us to manufacture in a wide spectrum. We are able to produce with rare details that most manufacturers cant. We are up for any job regardless of its complexity. We welcome a challenge. Print / Embroidery and decorations and similar applications are made with modern technology, we use only the best machinery, and even have our own fabrics produced for large scale jobs. We provide quality control by managing all the processes from beggining to end.

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Products We Produce Often

T-shirt (tshirt)


All models, neck types, all fabrics, man woman kids youth, all details

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Sweatshirt, Hoodie


Pockets, hoods, zippers, different fabrics, special stitching and all details

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Caps ( Hats )


Classic, basebal, dad, hiphop, polar beanies and similar types

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Basic Woman Models


Body, tank top, long reglan, swimmer, dress, bat and many more types

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Jogger, short, legging


Jogger track suits, shorts, 4/3 leg, pattern printed leggings and similar

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Beanie ( Trico - Thermal Polar )


Wowen and thermal polar beanie models

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Backpacks and Similar Bags


Backpack, should strap laptop bag, sports bag and similar

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Promotional Textile


Bags, bandanas, aprons, etc Garments produced for promotional purposes

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Personnel / Worker Clothing


Uniforms, special work garments, logo printed, waistcoat, etc…

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School Uniforms


Garments designed for schools, tshirts, pants, hoodies etc.

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Wowen labels, washing labels, printed packaging etc Textile accesories

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Print / Embroidery etc.


Screen, DTG, DTF, Embroidery, transfers, sublimation… Special Applications

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Tote Bags, Clutch etc.


Organic fabric tote bag, gabardin, rips, canvas, clutch, corded etc.

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We produce items from scratch to finish as a fully equiped manufacturing firm. If you have something you want to get produced but dont see it in our website, feel free to reach us as we can not list all.

To get a quote or ask questions;

Please detail out your need with as much detail as possible.

Quantities, colors, print / embroidery graphics, decoration details, sizes, cost or time limititatons if there are any and all the details you might want, please send to us at once so we can give you a much more accurate quote.

Production Steps

Production steps generally go with a standart order of necessary steps. First the order details must be planned out suitable to production, than the digital samples should be created if its needed and that the fabrics should be cut. Print, embroidery or any kind of decorations will be applies to fabrics and than sent over for sewing. After the products are sewn, ironing and packaging will be done, then the products will be prepared for shipment.

Real Manufacturer

Not an agency, comissioner or reseller, we are a real manufacturer. We produce in our own facilities, control all the steps and deliver directly to our customers.

Quality Control

Our workshops are flexible enough to create the cheapest products or the highest quality products. With our experience, we determine whats best for you and deliver as agreed.

Honest Costs

Our pricing structures are clear, we give the same pricing to everyone. We do not advice the job which we can profit most from, we advice whats best for you and focus on delivering maximum benefit to you.

GuleGuleGiy offers hundreds of models, maintaining quality standarts and giving an option suitable to everyone. You can buy our superior quality products as blanks as well. If you wish to shop retail now, you can visit our store. If your interested to know more about products, you can find details here or you can ask us.

Why should you work with GuleGuleGiy ?

Our products are of a higher quality than what the indusrty calls ‘first quality’. Unless asked otherwise, we produce superior quality products with a reasonable cost. We eliminate negative effects like fading, feathering, shrinking and such, we eliminate them completely or if its technically not possible we lower it to absolute possible minimum.

We are very carefull to deliver on time and without anything missing, if what you are asking cant be done in a time frame that you are asking, we will let you know upfront.

Since we do nearly all the processes in our own workshops, we give the best possible costs to our customers.

We are here to help you choose the best materials, methods of manufacturing and all the details realted to production processes and also to design what you have in your mind.

We develop our firm all the time, following the latests trends and technologies. Of course our customers take advantage of these advancements as sometimes in details, quality and costs.

We are always behind our products. We will delivered acoording to agreed upon quality. We work our our proceses thinking how can we be most helpful to our customers.

Our products are made of OEKO-TEX standart 100 certified materials. Our fabrics are produced according to European Union standarts. Our products does not contain any harmful substances.

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