Production – Manufacturing

Production - Manufacturing

We manufacture tshirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, caps, shorts, joggers, leggings, tote bags and similar products. For your bulk orders of min 100 pieces of each design, we can do private label production. Costs will vary depending on the details of your needs, once we see what you need, we will give you the best possible options. Screen print, emroidery, dtg or dtg pring, all colors, all fabrics, all sizes, special stitching tecniques, whatever you name, we do it.

Private Label Production

Its hard to find a reliable textile manufacturing firm that gives fair prices. Right prices only matter when deliveries are made on time with the right quality. If you have been searching so far, we are sure you already had some bad experiences. But you have reached us now ! Now you have that reliable firm ! We produce, you sell, customers wear with a smile !

Tshirt, hoodie, cap ...

We produce blank or decorized tshirts, long sleeves, tank tops, hoodies, sweats, baby wear, sports wear and many different kinds of products. If what you need is not something that we manufacture in our facilities, we will gladly help you by forwarding to a reliable manufacturer, or even better we will have them outsourced and done for you and deliver directly to you. So let us know whatever it is that you need without hestiation.

Contact us to learn manufacturing costs

Garment type, sizes, colors, decorations, stitch details, quantities and all the factors effect the costs and the processes. For us to help you better, we need you to sen all details to you needs, gathered up in a single file. Once we recieve that we will check and reach you if there is any missing information, if not we will get back with our offers and prices.

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