Sample Request

Sample Request

Understanding your needs: In order to proceed with a sample request, we have to understand your needs. We do not produce one kind, one quality, one model. We have different alternatives to offer depending on details of your job. What we can technically do differs according to your designs, reguests and quantities. Because of this, we need to detail out your potential bulk / wholesale order and decide what methods / techniques will be used. Only than a sample request can be discussed. To send your request please go to: Pricing page and click production to create your request.

Showroom Appointment: If your request is suitable for bulk production line, the best way to inspect samples is to visit our showroom and see all the possibilities. You can visit us with appointment. This way you will be able to get professional consultancy as well.

Ready made sample request: For our customers who are not able to visit us, we can ship paid samples after understanding your needs. Paid sample prices are symbolic, similar to wholesale prices. We cant make exceptions, in order to avoid unneccessary sample requests. We will send a sample from our previosuly made jobs that are closest to your needs. You can send us your color / size requests however we do not guarantee to meet them, we will try our best to send accordingly from current inventory but our priority will be to send items that are closest to your needs. Sampling from previously made jobs aim to help you see quality and technical details. Our Pricing Page helps you send us a form of your request, you can note your sample need in this form.

Private Sample Manufacturing: When you want to have a sample made from a bulk manufacturing company, there are some costs you need to cover. First of all, when you want to have a single garment spesificly made from you, even if its a basic tshirt, the working time will cost a minimum of 50 USD. When you ask this garment to have a sample of your screen print of emroidery on it, this will again another 50 USD at least to the cost. Some of these costs will be detucted from your bulk order however some will be spent for the process of sampling. You also need to know sample manufacturing time is nearly equivalent to bulk production time, producing 1 tshirt and 1000 tshirts will only differ a few days. To proceed with this type of sampling, you can make a request after your ‘understanding of needs’ step is completed.

Low quantity orders: Some of our customers needs garments for some activities, photoshoots etc. when thats the case and you need low quantity production; if you are not extremely picky with the garment color, model details and such, we maybe help you with our ready made stok and DTG / DTF print services. For such a request, please visit our Low Quantity page .


We Understand: That you would like to see a single piece made before proceeding with a bulk order. However bulk orders and samples are produced in very different ways and craftmanship differ a lot. So its best to understand your options and choose the sampling process you really need to avoid unnecessary spendings and loss of time. If you dont want to spend time and money on private sampling, and can not fulfill your needs with previously made producst samples, a well worked plan will be enough to avoid any wrong production. You can let us know your concerns and we will take the necessary precautions.

Business Sampling Programme ;

For businesses that want to showcase our production line to their customers, we have a special programme that will elavate their sales process. For details pleae go to :Business Sample Package Programme