Scarf Production / Manufacturing

Knitwear / Woven Scarf

We are a manufacturer / exporter company that manufactures Knitwear Scarves. This scarf type, woven using acrylic and polyester yarns, can be produced as single-sided or double-sided weaving, its dimensions can be customized, tassels / fringed or plain ends can be preferred. It has a flexible structure in terms of logo, slogan, fvb applications and patterning. The edges are closed with a special overlock stitch, providing comfort and longevity. While standard weaving density generally satisfies all users, extra tight weaving settings are used especially in productions for A++ retail sales.

Satin Shawl Scarf (Printed)

Satin scarf production is also called shawl scarf production. We can make full photographic prints in this product type, which we produce as double-sided printed, so design can be made in the entire product pattern without any technical limitations. Sizes and tassels / fringes can be customized. It is mostly preferred as a summer scarf and especially for companies, fans and organizations because of its unlimited design possibilities and affordable costs. Due to its satin fabric texture, it gives a comfortable and pleasant feeling in use.

Fleece Scarf - Beanie

The manufacture of scarves, berets, shawls from fleece fabric is practical and cost-effective. Logo, slogan, etc. can be placed on the products with embroidery, and it can be used frequently with its light and warm structure. It can be preferred with its soft texture. Due to the hairy nature of the fleece fabric, printing applications are possible, although not ideal. The number of your needs and the graphics you want to use in the printing application, the quality you want to achieve will determine which weft type is suitable for you.

Contact Us For Cost Information

You can get cost information by sending us your graphics along with the quantity you need for scarf production.

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