T-shirt, hoodie, long sleeve, baseball cap, hiphop cap, tote bag, tank tops, joggers, shorts, leggings are some of our product line that we design, produce and wholesale. You can order a minimum of 100 products and they can be mixed. You can order mixed sizes, colors and different varities. Each design, prodcut can be bought at mixed quantitites. Without any limitations you can order exactly whatever you need.

Max Discount

Wholesale prices will be more discounted as your quantites increase. Our Max Discount offer is as follows: You can pay a bulk fee for your orders to get max discount, but you can than get the shipments to you divided. This works best for our customers who know they need products, but want the shipments monthly for example to make sure they restock the colors, sizes etc they need. For example instad of getting 100 products with paticular pricing, you can pay for 500 products at once and get pricing accordingly, however have your shipments send in 5 packages of 100. This way you can get the max discount you can get and still manage your inventory properly, and have your orders delivered to you according to your needs.

Fast Supply

Hoodies, tshirts, caps and similar classic products are always in stock. We dont have ‘out of stock’. Any size, design etc, all your wholesale orders are shipped in a couple days. However, speed is cost. If you have time and if you are giving a bulk order, we may produce and than deliver to cut costs for you and give even better costs.

To learn costs, contact us

Give us an estimate of your needs, and let us create the best options for you. Please always remember, quality, speed, quantity, and details are cost factor. The more realistic your need is determined, a better solution we will come up with.

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