Promotional Textile

Cheap promotional products or qaulity promotional textile garments, we will manufacture exactly according to your needs. We can offer few days rush delivery or bulk order deliveries with better pricing if you have time to wait. Different fabric qualities to manage costs, different decorational techniques for your logos and details, and many more advantages. We are a one stop for your products to be delivered ready to go.

Cheap Promotion

Cheap promotional textile products are a need of many firms, tshirts, caps, hoodies etc. make a great present. Whether as a gift, as a promotion or as a work uniforum, textile products are used in countless sectors. In our production facilities, we can produce the exact quality you need with the best costs. With the right fabric, stitching and decoration techniques, we can create competitive pricing, guarantee a reliable delivery or with still a fair pricing, we can make better quality garments that will help your brands prestige better.

T-shirt, Tote Bag etc...

Tshirt, hoodie, cap, tote bag etc… quality and cheap cost production in our production facilities. We deliver on time and the right quality as agreed by completing all the processes in our own workshops. If we are in need of outsource work, we do with reliable partners we have known and worked with for years. With different methods of production, we are able to offer the best option depending on the job details. Like many other firms, we do not say ‘ we do this, its the best’. We say ‘Whatever is best for you, we do it’.

Contact us for costs

Promotional textile production minimum order of quantity is 100 for one model and for best pricing you should have at least 20 days spared for production. We do have faster and less quantity delivery, however since the production procedures change it effects the costs so its not reccomended for promotional work. Please send us all details to your needs such as garment type, color, sizes, quantitites,decorations, prints, and all that matters to you. We will get back to you asap.

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