Branch – Franchise

Franchising and Branch Oppurtunuties


As a branhs, you can sell our products at your stores. There would be no minimum of moq per month. Each shipment would have to be minimum of 100 pieces. Product colors, sizes can be mixed, you would not need to stock is lots. First order needs to be min 300 pieces and rest of the orders can be 100 piece and above, you can order any time. Shipment time will be between 1-10 days depending on the business. While you get many advantages as a branch, you will be our retail store where we forward our customers who wants to buy directly from a store.


With our name, you can open a brick and mortar shop, getting our full support and consultancy. Start up cost is a minimum of 30.000 USD. With this type of work, your store is only yours, however your success is shared with our name so we will be constantly supoorting you in many angles. Since you carry our name, we will be putting you in our advirtisements and help you succeed.

Your Brand

We offer services for you to create your Private brand, completely un related to GuleGuleGiy. Start up cost is a minimum of 30.000 USD. You only need to decide your store concept and your target audience, create your designs, do your advirtisement and manage customer relations. The rest of the work like website development, product manufacturing, shipping, stock management, accounting jobs, payment structures, logistic work, legal work , all of the other work, we handle them for you. Other than the startup cost, you do not pay us any fee, only cover your product manufacturing costs. According to details of our agreement, we proactively support your success. With much less risk, with 1/5 of normal costs, without any hesitation or problems, we give you the chance to focus on your targets.